Hi I am Dena ūüĎčūüŹĹ



As a coach, operator and investor, I have advised individuals in efforts to starting their own business, scaling their organization, fund raising all while building a productive and inclusive culture.

I’ve also supported many high-achieving professionals through transitions and difficult conversations all while ensuring they stay true and authentic to themselves. 

I often blend communication techniques, behavioral psychology, trends, meditation, mental models and leadership best practices to help individuals and organizations understand the important relationship between performance and purpose. Thus, reaching higher standards of success.

Before starting Roya, I led several teams at many Fortune 500 and early/growth stage technology startups in building brand recognition along with products that customers and employees actually love and are inspired by.

I believe that my experience as a founder, operator, marketer, product innovator, and engineer uniquely positions me to support high-achieving, purpose driven individuals and teams realize their full potential. 

If you are interested in learning more, please contact me at dena@roya.us to set up a 45-min complimentary session.




I take a personalized and pragmatic approach with each of my clients. Whether it’s promoting greater well-being and productivity or working together through crisis, I help you uncover insights and develop skills to grow and achieve your visions.

My approach with clients creates impact at both the individual and company level. I incorporate communication techniques, behavioral psychology, market trends, the science of well-being, mental models and leadership best practices.

At the individual level, I work with leaders to gain insight into their thought and behavior patterns and build effective internal and external communication frameworks.

I also partner with organizations to identify how their company is growing and what it needs to accomplish to get to the next phase of growth, building the leadership skills they need to guide their company to get there.



  • Fundraising
  • Go-to-market¬†
  • Hiring¬†
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Leadership development
  • Operational efficiencies

    Once again if you are interested in learning more, please contact me at dena@roya.us to set up a 45-min complimentary session.


    Kind Words

    "If I were to share an insight from my individual perspective it would be that Dena's compassion and care is unique. When I see her operate from this place (which is most the time) she is the most powerful." -JR

    "Above all her other strengths, her most powerful one is her helpful and authentic nature. The greatest influencers and greatest leaders are those that direct from a place of care, helpfulness, and good intention. This allows you to trust them and is the pillar of creating a great team and enabling others to grow. This is Dena." - PDG

    "I am incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to work alongside the strong female leader she is, and I wouldn't be who I am today without her continued support in my career." -KR