Books Inspiring Us - What is true power?


Books are my favorite way of learning and in an effort to share some of our learnings we like to start what we are calling a "Books Inspiring Us" series. And to kick things off, we are starting with The Art of Power by Thich Nhat Hanh (TNH).

In this book, TNH turns power on its head and gets the reader to question what is true power. Is it a bigger salary? Bigger title? More funding? More and more and more of something? Nope. According to TNH, true power is the power within yourself. The power to shape your own life, be present, do great work with a deep focus that helps you learn to better yourself and those around you.

According to the book to be better at your craft, life, humanity, you'll need to tap into five sources of energy to achieve peace. These sources are:

Faith - Believe in yourself. Be confident that you are a powerful being. You are at the top of the food pyramid. Look at everything humanity has done and believe that you are capable of the same if not more.

Diligence - Repeat the fact that you believe in yourself every day. When you forget, remind yourself and come back to it. Repeat until this thought becomes second nature and never leaves your cautiousness.

Mindfulness - Meditate, watch your breath, do yoga, or whatever it takes to teach yourself to be present. This moment the one you are in will never be here again. Know that time is finite. Know that everyone dies so maximize every second. When you are listening, really listen, when you are eating, focus on the food. Be present, take it all in, you might not be here tomorrow.

Concentration - Concentrate and observe. Colors, textures, the heat, the cold, the beauties, and the people around you are full of insights. Concentrate so you might learn from them. Focus can help us get closer to reality. Pay attention to the nature of change and how the universe comes together. Through concentration, then we will reach moments of breakthrough that brings us to Insights.

Insights - The insights and the learnings are healing for all kinds of suffering, including fear, despair, anger, and discrimination. When we focus on something like the impermanence of life, we will gain learnings that will help us lead a better team, relationships, and life. We may conclude that we need to prioritize differently.

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