Food For Thought (2/8/20)

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We are so excited to launch our very first newsletter called “Food for Though Sunday.” 

As some of you already know at Roya we aim to learn, share and master the best of what others already know. We do this in hopes of understanding ourselves and those around us better. 

With this newsletter we hope to share a collection of the most useful insights we come across each month. We search the web, devour hundreds of books a year and learn from some of the sharpest minds. Learn with us, sharpen your thinking, gain new perspectives, make smarter decisions and lead a purposeful life. 

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Our latest articles:

Purpose, Meaning & LifeI've been reading an endless number of books by Zen Buddhist, top Executive Coaches, Business men and women and what it has come down to is that purpose has a lot to do with it. Purpose is our unique contribution to this world (not just to the place that pays us), and often times it brings with it clarity, focus, and confidence.

Yoga is changing my lifeI've been immersing myself in the practice of yoga. Specifically Hatha, 90min, 3-4X a week and it has been nothing but a medicine for my soul. In this article I will explain a handful of things I've been meditating on while practicing yoga. That said, the journey hasn't stopped and I continue discovering new things about my body, my mind and the practice of yoga.

Book recommendations:

The Art of Power by Thich Nhat Hanh - gist: According to the book to be better at your craft, life, humanity, you'll need to tap into five sources of energy to achieve peace. These sources are: Faith, diligence, mindfulness, concentration, insights.

Leading From Purpose by Nick Craig - gist: purpose is a tremendous source of motivation. Organizations, leaders and individuals that lead life and work from their purpose are more motivated, experience more joy and tackle bigger and more impactful challenges. What is your purpose?

Reboot by Jerry Colonna - Excellent book...tad repetitive if you listen to the podcast...the last chapter was the best, read it twice - gist: to be a better leader you need to be a better human first and to be a better human you need to get to know yourself better.

Worth listening to:

“I can say hard things to you, with kindness and respect, and you keep your dignity, and I’m not cruel.”

The Episode is called "A More Powerful Way of Working" and it covers radical honesty - an open and authentic contribution, which lacks the intention of causing unnecessary pain and suffering, but serves to provide a mirror in which we can clearly reflect on the aspects of ourselves to which we are blind.

Jerry Colonna the host is a successful venture capitalist who has turned tech startup/executive coach and based on his podcast and book he seems very good. But this specific episode was especially on fire. Patty MacCord's (former Chief Talent Officer at Netflix) wisdom and strength are fierce.

Listen here>>.

Picture Highlighted:

I've picked up photography as a way to capture the small beauties all around us, remaining present, and express my creative urges. Hope you enjoy the collection.

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