Food For Thought (3/8/20)

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Happy International Women’s Day! We are here with the 2nd edition of Food For Though Sunday. 

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Compassionate CommunicationI've witnessed first hand how compassionate communication makes or breaks relationships. Relationships with your significant other, family, friends and at work with colleagues and anyone in your community. After years of working with founders and product owners, I’ve realized that if you have a brilliant idea but can’t convey it to anyone it will not go anywhere. Compassionate communication is key to understanding and being understood. It applies to so much in life. 

Just ask the question!: So if you’re wondering whether it’s worth asking a question, the answer is yes. It’s one of the most powerful things you can do as a leader, and it’s the path to greater understanding, better ideas, and stronger connections with others.

Book recommendations:

When Things Fall Apart - Excellent book recommended to me by @kellymbattista 🙏🏽♥️❤️ super insightful. It reminds me that life is ever changing and things fall apart and come together all the time. The process of moving closer to what scares us gets us closer to the truth. Our individual truth. 📚🤓

 The Lessons of History by Will Durant - A fascinating book that covers the history of earth, biology, race, character, morals, religion, economics, socialism, government and war. It is definitely worth reading multiple times and spoiler alert..progress is real but only if you define progress as transfer of education from one generation to the next.

Worth watching:

My favorite thing on @netflix right now is the show called Explained. Explained is for people who are endlessly curious about the world around them, and their 2nd season which I just finished, covers The Mind over five (~20 min) episodes narrated by Emma Stone. 

From dreaming to anxiety disorders, exploring what's happening inside the brain. Why is human memory so bad? Why do we have so many really weird dreams? And why is anxiety the most common mental disorder? Are a few topics discussed in the show. 

The five episodes will cover:






Definitely worth watching>>

About Meditation: 

The purpose of meditation is to make you kind. Kind to yourself and to others.

Picture Highlighted:

I've picked up photography as a way to capture the small beauties all around us, remaining present, and express my creative urges. Hope you enjoy the collection.

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