Food For Thought (4/12/20)

Hi Friends,

What strange times we are living in. I hope you are all safe, healthy and staying positive. To give you a bit of distraction from the craziness and something to nourish your soul, we are here with the 3nd edition of Food For Thought Sunday. 

We hope you enjoy it!


What will make us happier? And no, it isn’t more money!

When asked what makes them happy, people often guess the wrong stuff (a good job, more money, better grades, marriage, etc.). In this article we explore the things that actually make us happier backed by science. Things like kindness, social connections, time affluence and more. 

Yoga is changing my life

Yoga is changing my life; my body and my mind. For 90min, 3-4X a week, yoga is medicine for the soul, and is helping me practice: kindness, self-discovery, focus, being present.

Book recommendations:

Leading From Purpose by Nick Craig - gist: purpose is a tremendous source of motivation. Organizations, leaders and individuals that lead life and work from their purpose are more motivated, experience more joy and tackle bigger and more impactful challenges. What is your purpose?

 The Elephant in the Brain: Hidden Motives in Everyday Life - Humans are animals, and behave just as you might expect as a result. Even though we’re not always fully aware of it, many of our actions are driven by our urge to survive and procreate. Consequently, we try to present ourselves in favorable ways in order to outcompete our fellow humans in the fight for resources and potential mates.

Worth listening to:

The Knowledge Project Ep. #18 where Shane Parrish the host interviews AngelList CEO Naval Ravikant (@naval). Naval has also invested in more than 100 companies, including Uber, Twitter, Yammer, and many others. 

Here are just a few topics that are discussed: 

  • What a “typical day” looks like (not the answer I expected, and not one you’ve likely heard before)
  • How Naval developed his legendary reading habits and how he finds time to read no matter how busy life gets
  • Naval’s habit stacking technique that helped him overcome a desire for alcohol and other potentially destructive habits
  • How Naval’s core values give direction to his life and how those values developed over time
  • Naval’s thoughts on the current education system and what we can do to facilitate better learning for our children
  • Naval’s favorite mental models for making critical high-stakes decisions
  • Naval’s definition for the meaning of life (buckle up for this one) 

Listen here>>

Picture Highlighted:

I love photography. It’s a way of capturing art while making new art. I hope you’ve been enjoying the collection so far. 

The one below was taken in the streets of London.

Unit next time 👋🏽stay well!


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