Food for thought - To actualize your full potential; rigor and patience are an absolute must




To actualize your full potential; rigor and patience are an absolute must. To reach your full potential, you basically can't give up on the idea that there is more growing to be done.

So what do I mean by this? I know it sounds all poetic and warm feeling but let's break it down:

Human beings are creators. We have the potential to create to better ourselves and better humanity. We are unique, have different perspectives on life, and can solve the same problem in many different ways.

So we must do, take action and create. Create experiences, learnings, art, poems, meals, laws, organizations, other human beings, and much more. To create, we must have a bias towards action; we must continue to take risks, put ourselves out there to learn, iterate, and try again.

Although, that's easier said than done.

Yes, I know it's tough, but for it to get more comfortable, you must practice patience. Who was it that once said, "patience is a virtue"? I never know, but I remember it always playing a role in my personal growth.

Be patient with yourself, be kind; while making sure that you are taking actions that help you learn. Don't judge yourself on the outcome, instead focus on making progress every day. Don't compare yourself with others. Only compare against your previous self, ask yourself, 'have I improved/made progress?' No sitting on your butt waiting for things to come to you put yourself out there, publish regularly, take more meetings, reach out to people, practice your craft, take action and know that your efforts will compound over time.

To achieve both rigor and patience, you need to obtain a critical mindset. You have to believe that there is always room for growth. That you will learn and think differently in one year, two years, fives year, and so on. Compare yourself to five years ago, what do you know today that you didn't back then?

Us humans are unique because we can grow mentally, learn, and evaluate life with different perspectives. If you believe this fact about yourself and welcome the idea of evolving and knowing that nothing is permanent in life, then you are on your path to realizing your full potential.

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